Right Guard Security UK Ltd is a specialist global risk security company based in the UK providing worldwide mitigation solutions that help organisations succeed in a volatile world.

Through insight, intelligence and technology, we provide exceptional levels of Physical Security and Intelligence services throughout the world. We help clients benefit and seize opportunities while remaining secure, compliant and resilient.

We specialise in identifying, remediating and monitoring risk across your enterprise. We address each client issue with a unique team tailored to your situation. When crises and complex issues arise, we help keep your people safe, whilst recovering and moving forwards without disruption.

Strategic partnerships in USA and Japan with past performance in:
• EU: Turkey
• Africa: Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia
• MENA: Iraq, Jordan, Palestinian Territories, Syria, West Bank, Yemen
• Asia: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, DPRK, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam

    RGS security managers/consultants/professionals are all highly experienced and trained to work in a variety of threat environments and for a variety of client types. They all have experience working with the ‘C’ Suite and management teams to produce safety and security policies and procedures at the corporate level as well as producing regional and field plans. Often, they produce Crisis Management Plans and train the corporate or HQ Crisis Management teams prior to producing regional and field plans and preparing the local teams for the inevitable.
      RGS security managers are all uniquely trained to travel to unique or developing environments and provide a range of capacity building services from security awareness and management training, journey management assessments, Crisis Management Team training and physical safety & security reviews. They also have the capability to build capacity in suitable local nationals and prepare them for the role of Security Manager or Threat Advisor.
    The PSSA is initially driven by the Threat Assessment and also includes a review of the client’s assessed vulnerabilities and current safety and security measures in-place to reduce the threats against staff, assets, business continuity and reputation.

    Over the last few decades the operational environment of Non-Governmental Organisations has become increasingly dangerous. Serious incidents ranging from murder, kidnapping, or violent attack are on the rise, as well as politically motivated attacks against humanitarian workers.

    In reaction to this unwelcome trend, Right Guard Security has established a dedicated department to assist and support NGO organisations in developing policy, identifying appropriate resources and preparing effective responses. In addressing these security concerns, we understand the nature of the work and sensitivities involved in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in often non-permissive, uncertain, hostile or high-risk environments. We offer a variety of security services to help support NGOs and minimise the risk to employees and the organisation’s reputation.

    Our security services to NGOs include:
    • Risk management and security advice including journey management
    • Risk assessments for the countries NGOs operate in, and situation reports that assess the tactical and strategic risks for NGOs considering entering or already operating in volatile countries
    • Risk analysis and reporting services, which range from pre-incident consultancy, to response to a kidnap or extortion event

    This process takes a critical look at the 20+ likely safety and security threats arrayed against a client in their office, accommodation and any other areas that they work in or travel to. The process includes the identification of foreseeable threats, the measuring and the prioritising of said threats in order that credible and efficient counter measures can be established to further reduce, minimise, offset or avoid the threats where applicable. The threat assessment is typically cyclical, and the review time is usually driven by the overall threat level (LOW-EXTREME) and the client’s assessed exposure.
      • Many years of experience in personal and corporate security tells us that any form of attack upon a client will always take the form of the Attack Cycle. An attack can take many forms, from physical attacks on installations or personnel to intelligence gathering operations from competitors or organised criminals resulting in diverse outcomes.
      In order to counter this threat, RGS deploy highly skilled teams that regularly conduct hostile reconnaissance, covert intelligence gathering, and covert & counter surveillance, to test any weaknesses in their current security operating procedures and protocols in order to advise clients of any realistic adaptations in procedures. This allows RG to adopt a ‘Poacher/Gamekeeper’ approach to counter-penetration operations and provide bespoke ongoing constructive support and advice to clients.
      Often called threat intelligence or information, RG is experienced in establishing sound information sources that provide a proactive and risk avoidance element to locations, which are typically in HIGH and EXTREME, threat level countries. The information sources may be local nationals in key locations or involve partnerships with communities, government sources or NGOs, such as the UN SLT program. The information provided is curated by RG analysts in-line with the information cycle and provided to the client in a tailored manner that covers their areas of current and future interest. Intelligence can be produced daily and/or weekly but can also be provided in an immediate ALERT format using commonly used apps such as Whatsapp or text to warn staff and travellers of potential problems or incidents that may adversely impact their safety.
      Whether managing international travel and/or local travel, there is always the element of risk. Depending upon the assessed threat levels, clients may want to GPS track all staff or vehicles or only those that are moving into areas where the unexpected is more likely to happen. Management and response to the most likely threat (road traffic accident) is critical for maintaining a credible duty of care posture, which could include emergency communications, traveller and vehicle preparation, traveller tracking using a travel agents GDS system or GPRS/GPS tracking.
      Based around the PSSA, safety and security measures can include procedures and SOPs or higher walls, more secure locks, fore safety provision and forward-looking threat avoidance measures. RGS can provide the right balance of effectiveness and efficiency to ensure the physical safety of staff, assets, business or project continuity and reputation.
      • RGS is a security company dedicated to keeping our clients safe, happy and productive. Led by an experienced and strong management team, we firmly believe we lead the way in executive protection services for corporations and also serve high net worth individuals, family offices, NGOs, celebrities and embassies.
      With decades of international executive protection experience, RGS implicitly understands all levels of security threats and works closely with clients to develop plans that are bespoke. RGS is dynamic in forging key strategic international relationships to support security operations worldwide. We have established a strong organisation based upon full-time remote employees, partners and accredited and trusted subcontractors – All located in strategic countries throughout the world.
      Without a practiced plan and Crisis Management Team, every emergency could become a serious incident. Planning for the probability of something bad happening reduces the possibility that it will be handled incorrectly and that it may adversely impact your reputation. Preparing your HQ Crisis Management Teams (CMT) and local Incident Management Teams ensures a quick and credible response as well as involving the HQ CMT to quickly support a local response. Whether it’s a road traffic accident, data loss, criminal activity of an act of terrorism, a trained and prepared management team will provide a rapid and credible response.
      From training to the provision of suitable security managers, RGS can better support your needs at the implementation and HQ levels. Fully trained and tested professionals can be provided for any level of management and for a required duration, whether it is part-time, full-time, temporary, consulting or remote. Most security managers come as hybrids with complimentary safety, security and intelligence capabilities and RGS can also train local nationals to an applicable standard if so required.
      • RGS consultants can provide a phased due diligence effort to look at business, assets or individuals anywhere in the world. The initial phase presents a remote look at the area of interest, including online presence, records and background checks. A more detailed approach includes using local assets to investigate and probe physical components of the due diligence process, such as confirming assets, backgrounds, qualifications and qualifications.
      RGS has access to an extensive network of vetted individuals around the world that can produce information in support of a due diligence effort or provide separate, project-by-project information and services. Recent network use includes budget data for USAID proposals, identification of offices, accommodation and equipment, route studies, threat information at the tactical level and strategic intelligence reporting at the country level. RGS network individuals are trained to produce data-tagged photography to corroborate work (i.e.: data-tagged photographs of a bridge ensures that it was taken in the right place and at the time claimed). The network can penetrate almost all locations including some serious environments such as Libya, Northern Nigeria, Syria, Somalia and Yemen.
        • Right Guard Security UK Ltd (RGS) has a long and established track record of consistently providing organisations and individuals with professional investigative expertise, necessary in resolving conflict through fact-finding and critical analysis.

      RGS undertakes global financial investigations of bribery, misconduct and corruption, as well as assessments of financial transactions, asset tracing, accounting irregularities, and regulatory and compliance issues on behalf of publicly and closely held companies, government agencies, private equity firms, NGO’s, municipalities and high net worth individuals.

      As a general rule of thumb, insiders are one of the largest single threats to corporate assets and individuals’ private wealth. Privately held businesses, public corporations and multinational face risks from insiders with privileges as well as those with responsibilities that include purchasing, treasury and the management of books and records. Trusted employees with supply chain oversight can also present substantial elevated bribery risks.

      RGS offers competitive analysis and strategic research that specialises in the collection and review of information about rival organisations or individuals. This is an essential tactic for establishing what your competitors are doing and what kind of threat they present to your financial well-being and future.

      Our specialist areas of Investigative expertise includes:

      • Anti-corruption investigations
      • Asset tracing
      • Cash flow analysis
      • Expert and fact witness testimony
      • Insurance claims
      • Internal investigations
      • Money laundering analysis and remediation
      • Reconstruction of financial transactions
      • Whistleblower allegation assessment and investigation

        • Right Guard Security UK Ltd (RGS) provides sophisticated state-of-the art Covert Surveillance Teams, Counter Surveillance Teams based solutions to corporate and private clients.

      RGS can provide an instant solution for clients requiring a cohesive, professional and highly trained team of operators for international surveillance operations.

      All RGS Operators must have attended and completed a series of intensive training courses, which are not available commercially and are principally designed to enhance individual and team skills sets and a generic standard of trade craft and operating procedures. This in turn develops a cohesive operational team and ensures quality assurance to clients.

      All individuals within the team have previous commercial and corporate experience interacting as large or small teams conducting sophisticated covert surveillance operations for wide ranging clients worldwide. Although the majority of the team originates from military and government backgrounds, operationally it is important to bring balance, and civilian operators with exceptional skill-sets enhance our teams to provide operational diversity.

      The composition of RGS surveillance teams consist of diverse age groups; including highly trained younger operators who are able to blend into environments where other older operators might arouse suspicion. This unique skill set enables our team to operate covertly in a fast changing and complex environment. This balanced dynamic of both male and female Operators of all ages and various ethnic origins, allows a flexible and proactive deployment capability against sophisticated and surveillance aware subjects.