We always require keen and enthusiastic operatives with good English communication skills and experience in customer service. All applicants must be energetic, punctual and physically fit. If you’re interested in joining the Right Guard Security group, please select one of our vacancies from the list of divisions below and complete an application form to apply, alternatively, call our offices on 01227 464588. We look forward to hearing from you.

All interested applicants are to complete our online application form. Right Guard Security supports eco-friendly initiatives for reducing paper usage and CO2 emissions. Only print when you need to.

As a minimum standard, we expect all applicants to have workplace health and safety, customer service and manual handling. We will accept an e-learning module that can be completed by clicking this link:- https://videotilehost.com/missiontraining/purchaseCourse.php?b=4

Those who have higher qualifications do not need to complete this module unless the position you’re applying for specifices the requirements.

Shift Manager

Shift Supervisor

Generator Hook-Up Operative

Traffic Management Marshal

Driver Welfare & Border Readiness Operative

Checkpoint Operative


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