Right Guard Security provides various security tasks for film and TV set locations.
From red carpet premieres to securing your filming location, and protecting your cast, crew, and equipment, whilst minimising opportunities for theft, trespassing, vandalism, disturbances, and other unwanted activity.

We only provide security officers who are licensed by the UK’s Security Industry Authority (SIA) and hold a Security Guard or Door Supervisor license. Our officers are uniformed and very professional and courteous at all times. Dependent on requirements we have fully certified Dog Handlers which can be deployed onto any Site.

When your time really is money and filming schedules need to be met, Right Guard Security`s film set and location teams can quickly be deployed throughout London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Right Guard Security offer the best possible service and can cater for any size of set or budget. We work closely with producers, location managers and film crews where needed to ensure that equipment and facilities are secure, and that cast and crew are able to work safely and uninterrupted.

As part of our SIA security services for film and television, we can provide the following;

• Site patrols
Traffic management (diverting traffic, monitoring vehicle access and maintaining emergency vehicle access in accordance with legislation)
• CSAS Accredited Traffic Officers
• Crowd Management
• Counter Surveillance
• Anti -Paparazzi Measures
• Securing VIP areas such as trailers
• Close Protection Bodyguards for VIPS
• Site Patrols
Dog Handlers

Approved for Constructionline
Right Guard Approved for Project Griffin
Responding to Acid Attacks