Construction sites are an attractive target for vandalism and opportunistic thieves. It is common for a lot of construction sites to suffer some damage at various stages of a project, often repeatedly. In some cases, insurance companies will refuse to insure construction sites without any evidence of the security measures in place.
At Right Guard Security, we are committed to ensuring that your construction site is fully protected. As one of the UK’s leading security providers, we employ only qualified security officers.

All our officers follow comprehensive assignment instructions, drafted and approved by clients. For example, your requirements may include site security and access control to protect your assets, or you may require a record of all vehicles and visitors to the premises.
Threats that may be considered typical will vary according to the type and location of the site. The following are suggestions but each site will be individual.

• Theft of plant machinery
• Theft of fuel
• Theft of materials from the site
• Vandalism
• Arson
• Breaches of security into existing buildings
• Robbery or attacks on the construction workers
• Reconnaissance of development to discover details of completed building
• Being alert to suspect packages
• Intruders intent on committing suicide
• Protesters (either related to the site activity or simply for publicity)

Right Guard Security Construction Security Services can include;

• Gate operation and access control
• Verification of identity
• Anti-sabotage checks and vehicle inspection
• Security of materials and movement control
• Anti-theft checks
• Guarding of vital installations
• Security Guards and Dog Units
• Protection of offices, equipment and buildings
• Static surveillance and intelligence gathering
• Guarding of cash and valuables
Traffic control and parking protection
• Delivery handling
• Mobile Patrols
• Theft and vandalism reduction
• Onsite CCTV monitoring for rapid reaction to intruders

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