Hospitals across the country are reporting a surge in mental health patients. To support the clinical nursing teams with vulnerable and challenging individuals, we provide specialist trained security officers to be assigned to specific patients at the request of the hospital management team. The one-to-one patient watch service is utilised by a variety of wards within the hospitals to minimise risks to patients, nursing staff and members of the public. The role can be extremely sensitive due to the behaviour of the individual affecting other hospital residents and its visitors.

Safeguarding of NHS staff and patients by reducing violent situations is a primary role of our officers. We provide clear advice and training on how to control and manage aggressive individuals safety.

Attacks on hospital staff can be sudden, serious, and life-threatening, which in-turn causes stress, anxiety and fear for other patients, clinicians and patient’s relatives.

The one-to-one patient watch service is an essential necessity for managing vulnerable, challenging and aggressive patients whilst in a care setting. The service provides reassurance and confidence to the nursing teams within the hospital. We work closely with the adult safeguarding and psychological teams to ensure the correct level of supervision and support is maintained.

Patient Watch Security may be appropriate for the following;
In-patients whose actions or threats pose a high risk of physical assaults on staff and or patients. Those who have physically assaulted a member of staff and or another patient and there is a high risk of re-occurrence(s)

This could be due to:

  • Mental illness
  • Drink and drug withdrawal
  • Dementia patients
  • Shock
  • Confusion
  • Wandering patients
  • Violent/Aggressive patients


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