Over the 29 years Right Guard Security UK Ltd (RGS) has been operating within the specialised security sector, we have ensured that we stay ahead of the competition by not only offering services that cannot be replicated and copied by others but ensuring a high level of service delivery and competitive pricing.

Many years of experience in personal and corporate security tells us that any form of attack upon a client will always take the form of the Attack Cycle.

An attack can take many forms, from physical attacks on installations or personnel, to intelligence gathering operations from competitors or organised criminals resulting in diverse outcomes.

In order to counter this threat, RGS deploy highly skilled teams that regularly conduct hostile reconnaissance, covert intelligence gathering, and covert & counter surveillance, to test any weaknesses in their current security operating procedures and protocols in order to advise clients of any realistic adaptations in procedures. This allows RGS to adopt a ‘Poacher/Gamekeeper’ approach to counter-penetration operations and provide bespoke ongoing constructive support and advice to clients.


To conduct all stages of the Attack Cycle in order to test physical security at several static sites under the parameters set by the client (in this case, stages 1 and 3 of the cycle have been predetermined by client). Ø To covertly gather intelligence that could identify any weaknesses in current procedures and personnel. Ø To execute and exploit any weaknesses based upon the intelligence gathering operations mentioned above (under client guidance) Ø To extensively de-brief and provide advice to clients and staff members on any weaknesses identified and advise realistic solutions. Ø To always operate within a realistic scenario that would usually be afforded to any hostile reconnaissance and attack asset. Ø To provide covert video or photographic proof of weaknesses in security in order to aid de-briefing.


RGS will conduct Security Assurance as a seven-stage assurance process.

1. Initial consultation
2. Assessment
3. Boundaries
4. Open Source Analysis
5. Hostile Reconnaissance
6. Physical Test
7. Delivery of Findings


RGS utilises the skills of several operators from diverse backgrounds and of both sexes. Many of RGS’s operators specialise in covert method of entry from a military, police or government agency background, meaning they understand security systems and can identify weaknesses quickly and effectively to provide you with a realistic assessment of your security.


➢ Building an Operating Team
➢ Project Planning
➢ Rules of Engagement
➢ Conducting Preliminary Research
➢ Evaluating Risk
➢ The Test Plan
➢ Legal Issues and Documentation


A Physical Penetration Test is a method of testing the security of a business using social engineering techniques which are realistic but designed in a way that make it non-disruptive to the client. Also, Independence from the company providing the on-site security services, or suppliers of security equipment is vital to ensure there are no conflicts of interest. Businesses are often at their most vulnerable out-of-office hours. Lack of a clear desk policy can lead to serious security breaches. Often sensitive papers are left out and open for viewing by non-secure employees such as cleaning staff etc.


We believe that we understand clients’ issues and are confident we can provide a solution to address your requirements, no matter how complex they may be.

We will be pleased to work with your organisation to refine our proposal to address your exact requirements. We will also be pleased to address any additional requirements that you may have for other products, services or solutions either today or in the future.

We believe our clients benefit from choosing RGS as we invest time and effort to ensure that we:

➢ Fully understand your security threats and vulnerabilities
➢ Provide the appropriate level of security response through a combination of manned security, changes to process, technology and/or patrols to mitigate your risks
➢ Provide a solution tailored to the client’s individual requirements
➢ Provide a competitive price
➢ Use a robust management system and highly motivated management ➢ Work with high-quality recruitment and vetting processes
➢ Implement excellent training and security practices, developing service excellence
➢ Provide excellent contract support with experienced and smooth implementation
➢ Provide on time delivery, to agreed standards
➢ Provide a reliable, secure and extremely robust service, maximising security issues.
➢ Create clear, accurate and timely management reports.

Our reception and response to innovative ideas firmly ensures that any client will benefit by selecting RGS, a professional service provider, with an international, national and local footprint that is able to provide professional security solutions to address any clients current and future needs.

To discuss your case in confidence with one of our specialist operations manager, please call our offices and quote (S.O.U).

Right Guard Security is an ACS approved contractor.

On-going training and continued professional development are provided by our sister company Mission Training.

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