Right Guard Security UK Ltd routinely deploy trained staff equipped with BWV cameras. We use cameras provided by B-Cam Ltd, who provide these devices to numerous Police forces across the UK and other law enforcement agencies both at home and abroad.

The B-Cam Security Recording Unit (SRU) is a robust easy to use system allowing up to 5 hours recording in full High Definition, or 12 hours on standby. The unit is equipped with infrared capability allowing for recording in low light conditions. In addition, the unit has a playback system to allow security operatives to playback the recording in real time and pause where necessary to police officers or site/venue managers.

Right Guard Security UK Ltd utilise a secure ‘cloud’ system for storage of video footage and the back office processes comply with the International Standards Organisation (ISO 27001) award. Right Guard Security UK Ltd is also registered with the Information Commissionaire’s Office. It is not possible for any video footage to be deleted or edited from either the BWV camera or the cloud storage system. The system allows specific recordings to be shared with clients if necessary.

The benefits of using these cameras include:

  • Prevention and detection of crime
  • Record instances of anti-social behaviour
  • Act as a deterrent for anti-social behaviour
  • Moderation of a person’s behaviour
  • Evidence behaviour of the SIA licensed staff during confrontation
  • Preserve evidence (including crime scenes) and assist with investigations
  • Reduce complaints
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