Our CSAS Accredited Traffic Officers are authorised to direct, hold and restrict traffic movements on the public highway, this may include enforcing road closures.

Right Guard Traffic Management Services are approved under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS), enabling our traffic management operations to be supported with a greater dynamic approach, which enables instant problem-solving.

Our uniformed traffic officers meet legislation and are qualified and confident with police authorisation to stop and direct traffic when required on a public highway. Additionally, our officers are also available to supplement and enforce traffic restrictions as and when required for temporary events including:
• Road closures
• Temporary traffic road orders
• Stop/Go controls
• Street processions, carnivals & marches
• Pedestrian crossings
• Rolling roadblocks
• Traffic access control
• Abnormal loads (Escort & Support)
• Existing/Temporary traffic light control

We can arrange and supply your traffic management signage in a variety of sizes and frame combinations to meet your event specification, including Highways criteria and event-specific signage.

Our traffic management services are deployed for a multitude of requirements including managing strategic Highways & Enforcing Traffic Management needs with our dynamic solutions utilising our CSAS Accredited Traffic Services. Our  Chapter 8 – CSAS Accredited Mobile Traffic Teams include designated Vehicles &  Motorcycles to patrol and monitor road networks and support colleagues located at static locations.

Right Guard Traffic Management Services 24/7 – 365  – Our Traffic Management Solutions provide a dynamic approach to enforcing and maintaining  Traffic Management, temporary diversions and street works, Strategic Operations include processions and protest routes.

                                                   Here is a viral video clip from one of our traffic management deployments, please see for yourself.

Please call us for further information.

The CSAS qualification is a requirement for many police forces and local authorities for operatives working on the public highway, particularity those enforcing dynamic traffic management. Our accreditations include Chapter 8 Street works.

Right Guard Security is an ACS approved contractor and CSAS Accredited for Traffic Management. 

On-going training and continued professional development are provided by our sister company Mission Training.

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