Right Guard Traffic Management Services (Right Guard TMS) deployments range from small requirements of temporary events and parking services to extensive major planning and special projects, including Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) management.

Early in 2019, Right Guard TMS was contracted by the Department for Transport (DfT) under the special planning considerations for the EU Exit as directed by the British Government as it was anticipated that there would be major problems with HGV’s entering Europe from the UK.

We were specifically assigned and deployed to the former airfield in Kent, Manston Airport. The site was earmarked as an HGV holding area for vehicles entering Europe during any problematic government interactions with Europe.

The former airport was scheduled within the National Transport/Highways England Infrastructure Contingency and was planned to accommodate 6,000 HGV vehicles to be parked on the former runway as a contingency during the EU Exit withdrawal.

Extensive planning and liaison between multiple agencies took place to establish a suitable and workable solution to provide temporary stacking options away from the highway, reducing the impact on Kent’s road network and the local community.

The special government operations planning was conducted by traffic management specialist Tony Smith, Managing Director of Right Guard Security and Traffic Management Services.

Right Guard TMS provided a variable 24/7 service throughout the challenging turbulent year of British politics. To meet the British Government’s requirements during the EU Exit period, Robust plans were formulated and approved to manage 6,000 HGV’s if and when required.

Right Guard TMS delivered the specialist assignment to meet the British Government’s requirements without hesitation.

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